The most comprehensive product market analysis around

Excellent analytics are essential. From day one of the development phase, the TCC team provides the data and metrics our clients need to make informed decisions.

  • Macro metrics to drive strategy
  • Competitive analysis, including building/unit mix, size, amenities
  • Geographic, neighborhood and building/unit mix studies
  • Demographics
  • Absorption projections
  • HOA services, costs and comparisons

Analysis informs our recommendations as well.

  • Features, services, and other amenities
  • Design, details, finishes and specifications
  • “Real-time” pricing strategy
  • Phasing recommendations
  • Suggested changes based on changing market conditions

At TCC, we pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive product market analysis for real estate development in the greater Boston area and throughout New England.

“TCC is ‘Money Ball’! The firm relies on best-demonstrated analytics that drive a marketing strategy versus spraying a marketing strategy and praying for results. This demonstrates knowledge-age real estate execution versus an old-world seat-of-the pants approach.”


– Bryan Koop, Senior Director
Boston Properties